Editing Modula Galleries

What’s Modula?

Modula is a plugin I often use on websites to provide nice, clean image galleries. To edit a gallery, select ‘Modula’ from the left hand pane and then edit the required gallery. I’ll give galleries descriptive names eg ‘front page gallery’ or ‘contact page banner’ so you can easily find the right one.

I’ll configure the gallery, test it and make sure it looks great on mobile devices too. But you may want to edit the photos, rearrange them, or add new ones.

Editing Galleries

Once you’ve opened the gallery you’ll see something like this (Custom Grid). You can add photos from the top right, edit (click the pen) or delete (click the bin) when hovering over existing photos. To change the size, drag the resize icon in the bottom right corner of the photo (there’s a snap-in grid to help you with this.)

Other types of galleries (eg creative) may not have the resize option.

Important Note on Image Metadata. Always update your metadata from within your media library, not in Modula. That way you can be sure to have your image title and caption displayed correctly (if you want them shown). Read more here: https://www.greystokewebdesign.co.uk/help/editing-media/

Note that captions are always shown when you click on a gallery and browse through the images. If you would like this switched off for all galleries, I can add some custom code to do this – just ask!


The official support site is here: https://en-gb.wordpress.org/plugins/modula-best-grid-gallery/

And for those of you who like to watch to learn, here are a couple of great videos showing it in action:

Here’s the gallery I show you above

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