How to Change your WordPress Password

How to Change your WordPress password

Strong passwords keep you safe!

When I set up new users I use a strong password. Ideally this won’t be an issue, because you’ll be using a password manager like 1Password or NordPass or LastPass. But … if you don’t then you’ll probably want to change it to be a little more user friendly.

Please do not reuse a password from any other website, as I cannot be held responsible for a website hack due to a data breach on another website. Every site I build is as secure as I can make it – a unique, non standard login, brute force attack prevention and various other measures. But a leaked password and email combination is something I cannot protect against.

Your password should be strong, secure and unique. A ‘pass phrase’ is secure, and often more memorable – the opening line from a favourite book or poem, for example.

Here’s a link on how to change your password in WordPress. I recommend logging in to do so.

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