Adding a Blog Post from a phone

Editing a blog post from a phone

Don’t use the WordPress App. Use your browser.

Before we start, there is a WordPress app which allows you to update your blog from your phone. We will NOT be using this because it poses a security risk. Websites that I design will refuse to connect to the app. Instead we’ll use the WordPress website – and you’ll log in on a browser of your choice.


Here are some step by step instructions on how to add and update a blog post from your phone when you’re on the go. The instructions work equally well for a laptop or tablet – in fact those are even easier to use.

You can see the end result here:

First of all you need to sign in to your account. Remember to please make your password secure and unique. I cannot be held responsible for your account being hacked. What I will do, if you want to blog, is set up a dedicated account which is fairly locked down.

Once in you should see something like this in the next screenshot.

You should see a nice big Plus (+) sign at the top. Click on the to see a dropdown, and then click on ‘Post’ to create a new post. (On a laptop this in on the left hand menu).

Click on the + sign, then Post to add a new post

At the top of the page (just above the clip to add in a link) you’ll see a cog. This opens up settings for a block (say to change image size) or a page (to set a page name or write a post excerpt). On a larger screen this usually appear on the right hand side panel.

Type your post title, then let's add an image

Then it’s ‘simply’ a question of adding a title and content. I’ve added each step in a gallery, with captions briefly explaining what to do. Click through the gallery to see the screenshots and instructions.

Things to check before you publish – important!

On the post settings (click the cog at the top and select Post (rather than Block). On a laptop this will be in the right hand side panel.

  1. Make sure your Permalink is succinct and to the point. Instead of ‘adding-a-blog-post-from-a-phone’ (the default as that is my title) perhaps change it to ‘how-to-blog-from-phone’.
  2. Have you got your post in the correct Category? This post has a category of ‘WordPress’ for example.
  3. Do you want to add tags to help people find related posts?
  4. Have you set a featured image (this will appear on post grids / lists / timelines)? You should do this!
  5. Have you written a punchy, eye grabbing excerpt? If not, make sure your first paragraph does the job – again this is what is displayed in post lists – and what is used by search engines. Writing an excerpt gives you much more control – again you should do this.

None of the other settings should need to be changed.

Finally, update your SEO. Make sure you have a focus keyphrase, slug and meta-description. Read more about SEO here:

If you will be blogging regularly, this will soon become second nature. And I’ll configure the blog so it sets default categories for posts etc.

Once you publish your post, don’t worry you can always edit it again. View it, and click on the pencil (to the right of the + sign) to edit.

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