About Me

Located in Greystoke, Penrith Cumbria, my mission is to develop great websites for small businesses based nearby.

I am a highly experienced IT professional, with over 20 years of experience working for a blue chip financial company. Having worked in Digital Delivery, I know what makes a good website. I know how to design web pages for maximum impact, using industry best practices. As a specialist in IT Architecture and Design, I also know how best to build websites, and, just as importantly, what not to do!

My Ethos

As ‘the Greystoke Geek‘ I believe in providing cheap, affordable IT support to individuals, no matter how small their problems might be.

Here, at Greystoke Web Design, my ambition is to provide similar affordability for the many local small businesses. I count my first external website as a huge success and I’m pleased to say the company agree! So if you are based in North Cumbria and think building a website is too expensive, think again – and get in touch!

I believe in quality, simplicity and unrivalled personal service.

No business is too small not to have a great website