Website Consultancy Penrith, Cumbria

Website Consultancy and Support in Penrith, Cumbria

Ad Hoc Web Consultancy and Support

It can be daunting to keep your website up to date, especially if you are not using WordPress every day. It’s easy to forget how to do things. And it can be really difficult to find the time, especially when you are also running your business. That’s why Greystoke Web Design offers website consultancy and support to businesses in Penrith, Cumbria and beyond.

Whether you are uncomfortable updating your website on your own, or whether you have a specific issue you’d like us to investigate, we can help you. We offer consultancy and support with great value hourly rates.

Updates to websites we have built

We provide quick content updates at £40 per hour. This includes testing the update to make sure it is responsive, and also any updates to configuration required. All images added will be optimised for SEO. Whether you want to change some text, alter a picture or even add a simple new page, we can help.

We will provide quotes for more comprehensive updates or complicated requirements.

Updates to other WordPress websites

We are happy to support any other WordPress websites at an hourly rate, which will also include an element of time understanding your specific circumstances. Such tasks will likely include reviewing your use of plugins and security, and getting to know your WordPress theme. We’ll also take time to understand your website structure and business.

Again, for more complicated work we can provide an upfront quote.

Not Just WordPress

If you have a website built on another platform, we are happy to provide consultancy on general issues such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), accessibility and more. Recently we have provided consultancy on a Google Sites website and AirTable integration for the Friends of the Ullswater Way.

Our Clients

Here are just a selection of companies we have worked with on a consultancy and support basis

The Hempblock Company logo
Migration, redesign and support
Dr Paula Redmond
Servicing and Support
Inside Out Camping
Helped after web developer shut down
Enigma Medical Solutions
Security, SEO and emails
Friends of the Ullswater Way
Technical advice, google sites
ProQuip Golf
Servicing & Support
Keswick Decorator
SEO Services
Nicky Richards Racing
SEO and website updates
Lakeland Aerials
SEO assistance, Wix
Keswick Mountaineering Club
Security and general updates
Yorkshire Dales Accountancy
SEO Consultancy and Support
Foretract Engineering
SEO Consultancy
Migration, servicing and support
Servicing & Support
Migration, servicing and support

Support for your website, when you need it.

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