Website Maintenance and Support Packages

We understand not everyone wants a website maintenance and support package. That’s why our standard small business offering is ‘pay as you go’ at £35 per hour with plugins and themes updated at least every 3 months. But if you want more, or the peace of mind provided by more proactive monitoring and support, we also offer various ‘off the shelf’ WordPress support and maintenance packages. If none of these quite fit what you want, then we can discuss a bespoke package tailored to your needs, so please give us a call.

Take your business to the next level with dedicated support and reporting

WordPress Health Check Reports

Health Check


Comprehensive Health Check report for WordPress websites covering:

  • Website security deep dive
  • Theme and Plugin health
  • Back end code security
  • Accessibility review
  • Performance Report
  • Onsite SEO, and Backlink Report
Have Peace of Mind with a  website Maintenance and Support package starting at just £50 a month

Peace of Mind


Get peace of mind with more regular updates and support:

  • Monthly Theme and Plugin Updates
  • Tailored Client Report including Analytics, Updates and Backups
  • 1 hour of support per month included
Our Performance Pack takes website Maintenance and Support to a new level

Performance Pack


Everything in the Peace of Mind package plus:

  • Automated Security Scanning
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • SEO Reporting to help improve your rankings
  • Weekly or Daily backups depending on your preference

WordPress Website Health Check

How secure is your WordPress installation? Are your themes and Plugins up to date? Are you running a vulnerable version of back end code (PHP)? All of these things impact your overall WordPress website security.

Is your website accessible for those with sight issues? Is it quick to load? Is it mobile friendly? How well is your site optimised for search engines (SEO)? What are your backlinks like? All these questions impact your overall search results. Not to mention, do you have basic website data reporting in place? You need this, otherwise how can you measure improvement in your website?

Our health check report covers all this – and gives you personalised recommendations, so that you can make improvements. All for just £100. Your website is important, but if it gets hacked, your reputation is damaged.

Have you left your front door wide open to hackers?

40% of the internet is built using WordPress
of the Internet is WordPress

WordPress websites account for over 40% of the entire internet. So it’s no surprise that such a major player is a juicy target for hackers. Just Google ‘wordpress site hacked‘ and you’ll see thousands of articles and news posts. By default, WordPress leaves several doors wide open for hackers to take advantage of, so it’s a good idea to close these! A good web developer will close these doors, correspondingly securing your website against attacks as best as possible. Our health check will explicitly look to see if these doors have been closed on your site. Is your site maintained? Code needs to be kept up to date, otherwise your site could be at risk. Our report will also check this.

How can you improve your search engine rankings?

As at August 2022 a whopping 60% of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices. So your website needs to be mobile friendly. If it’s not, then Google penalises it in search rankings. Similarly, making sure your website is accessible (images properly tagged, headings in the right order etc) also improves your rankings. Once again Google penalises sites that score low for accessibility. So it’s not just about your SEO on the page, although of course we’ll check that too. What’s speed got to do with it? Yes. You’ve guessed it. Google doesn’t like slow websites (because 60% of traffic comes from a phone, for one reason!). So a site that is slow to load will rank lower than a faster one, everything else being equal.

60% of all internet traffic is now from mobile devices - so your website needs to be mobile friendly
of all traffic is mobile

Peace of Mind – a Reassuring Support and Maintenance Package

Regular Updates

regular WordPress maintenance updates including WordPress core, themes and plugins.

Tailored Client Report

A tailored Client Report

Analytics Summary

Analytics Reporting easily available in your Client Report

Support Included

One hour's support per month included in our maintenance and support packages

With our Peace of Mind Support and Maintenance package you can be assured of monthly theme and plugin updates to your WordPress website so you stay up to date. We’ll also provide you with a tailored monthly Client Report detailing your latest backups, updates, and a Google Analytics overview, so you can read all the key information in one place. In addition the package includes one hour of support a month, which you can use for whatever you need, whenever you need it. Typically this might cover 1 or 2 small content updates, or some new images being added to the site. Or perhaps you want a quick review of your Google search console rankings or analytics report so you can get more insights into how your website is performing. You can roll over any unused support time for 2 months so you don’t lose it.

Performance Pack – A Supercharged Support Package

Security Scanning

Daily security scans

Uptime Monitoring

Uptime monitoring

More Backups

Weekly or daily backups

SEO Reporting

SEO reporting covering rank tracking and competitor analysis

If you need something more, our Performance Support and Maintenance package covers everything you get with Peace of Mind, and adds some next-level upgrades to your website.

Automated daily Security Scanning means near instant notification of any vulnerabilities, so plugins or themes can be updated as quickly as possible. 24*7 uptime monitoring alerts if your website is ever inaccessible, so we can investigate and fix it. Backups can be scheduled on a weekly or even daily basis. This is perfect for sites that have a high level of content changes being applied. Broken link monitoring alerts us straightaway if a site you link to breaks (this can impact your SEO).

Your Client Report adds in SEO rank tracking, so you can track your ranking performance for certain key words and phrases over time, and against your competitors. Taken with analytics reporting this provides a killer insight into how your website is performing for you, and help you see the impact of changes you make.

Not quite what you’re looking for?

If you’d rather build your own package, we can add on these features separately for you. Please call us to discuss your requirements so we can work out exactly what you need.


SEO Reporting


120.00 pa

Monthly SEO Reporting covering agreed keywords with rank tracking and competitor analysis

Automated Security Checking


60.00 pa

Daily security checks for malware, vulnerabilities and blacklisting, so we can fix issues immediately

Uptime Monitoring



24*7 monitoring with alerts if the site goes down – for additional protection beyond the standard 99.9% uptime guarantee

Broken Link Monitoring


60.00 pa

Automatic notification of any broken links – especially useful if you link to external websites, over which you have no control

Automated Performance Checks


60.00 pa

For dynamic websites, automated performance checks help to ensure your response times do not degrade

Daily Automated Backups


60.00 pa

Monthly backups are included in the hosting, but if your site is very dynamic you may wish this added protection

12 hourly backups


90.00 pa

More frequent backups for sites that require it

6 hourly backups


120.00 pa

More frequent backups for sites that require it

eCommerce Hourly Backups



Hourly offsite backups suitable for highly transactional sites giving multiple offsite restore points

Basic Client Reporting Bundle


300.00 pa

Covering Analytics, backups and updates

Premium Client Reporting Bundle

from £

480.00 pa

Covering Analytics, backups, updates, security scans, uptime monitoring, SEO Rank tracking and tailored offsite backups

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