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About the Project

Lazonby Swimming Pool wanted a website refresh to modernise their old website, and to give some more prominence to their campsite. We designed a fresh full width site with a simple news and events section on the home page to easily advertise upcoming events. The existing logo was reused, and a custom font was purchased and installed so that we could reflect that style throughout the site. Events were added using a simple table to start, with the option to have a more fully integrated solution in future.

Redirects from the old pages were put in place to preserve SEO, and more prominence was given to the Just Giving page to encourage donations to keep this valuable community asset running.

The Completed Site

You can view completed site here, or browse some of the screenshots below

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Lazonby Pool Home Page
Lazonby Pool Full Width sections on home page
Fully responsive pricing table
Campsite Gallery
Contact Page
Old Home Page
Home Page
Home Page Sections
Responsive Pricing Tables
CampSite Gallery
Contact Page
Old Home Page
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