Kenneth Wilson Cello on Monitor

Kenneth Wilson: The Poetical Cellist

The Brief

Kenneth is going on an adventure in the summer of 2022. He is taking his (carbon fibre) cello on a bike trailer, and he’s going to cycle from Hadrian’s wall to Rome. Playing as he goes (when he’s stopped, not actually whilst he’s cycling!)

He wanted a new website to document this epic adventure, and to link into his existing Instagram and YouTube channels. Kenneth Wilson Cello is the site to do exactly that!

The Solution

The website pulls together 2 main threads on the homepage – the Poetical Cellist, Kenneth, and his upcoming adventure “The Highway Cello”. It also introduces the visitor to his performances, YouTube and Instagram.

The Highway Cello page details the journey, and the proposed schedule. It includes a map showing the route, and some of the most recent blog posts. Mailchimp integration means people can sign up to receive blog updates and keep abreast of progress. Using Mailchimp is also a great way to stay GDPR compliant.

Not only can people subscribe to the blog, they can register interest for a forthcoming CD release, and purchase books.

For GDPR cookie compliance we used the ‘no cookie’ versions of Google Recaptcha and YouTube.

Kenneth had a very clear idea of what he wanted to achieve, so it was easy to translate that into a website. Multiple zoom calls gave him plenty of opportunities for feedback, and we were often able to change things immediately so he could see the result.

As always, the site is optimised for speed from the beginning. It is fully responsive, and looks great on all devices.

If you need a great website for your business, which is fast, secure and accessible, get in touch now.

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It was a great pleasure working with Greystoke Web Design. Corrine took time to understand my requirements, and made a number of very helpful suggestions about how they could be realised. The design process proceeded smoothly and iteratively, and the finished product is definitely in excess of my expectations. I have complete confidence in Greystoke Web Design, and recommend them enthusiastically.

Kenneth Wilson
The Poetical Cellist

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