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Why use WordPess?

WordPress powers over 30% of the entire internet. This means your website is not niche. It can be updated by many people and can be moved from one hosting provider to another. WordPress is extremely portable. This is a very important consideration because it gives you choice. You are not locked into me, although I am confident you’ll want to continue our professional relationship.

I recommend 2 WordPress solutions: WordPress.com hosting for a simple, but effective website, and 3rd party WordPress hosting for those who want more functionality, greater control and administration.

Why choose me?

I believe every small business should have a great website that does exactly what it needs to.

I take the time to understand your requirements in depth. This allows me to recommend a solution that’s right for you. When we are finished, you will own everything: your domain, your hosting, and your website. You are then free to update it however you like. I offer ongoing support and training if required, because I know how daunting maintaining a website can seem.

WordPress.com: Simple and Affordable

My recommended starter website is an all-in-one WordPress.com solution. This means your domain (website address), hosting (website ‘house’) and your website is all provided by WordPress.com. Running costs start at just £4 per month, plus an annual domain fee. It is perfect for people who don’t need complicated functionality and don’t want to worry about maintenance.

This doesn’t mean you have a ‘cheap’ website. It offers great functionality, including:

✔ Modern, SEO optimised website
✔ A good range of free themes (‘looks’)
✔ Blog / News functionality
✔ Elegant image galleries
✔ Contact form
✔ Social Media sharing and links
✔ First year’s domain for free
✔ Basic site statistics
✔ Search console integration
✔ Anti-spam and threat protection

What’s more, because WordPress.com is so flexible, you can add extra functionality to this starter package, and still be confident of an easy to maintain site.

If you are after a simple, yet great looking website, and don’t want to worry about administration (or pay someone to do it), then WordPress.com hosting is exactly the right choice.

Have a look at an example

WordPress.org 3rd Party Hosting.

Depending on your requirements, 3rd party hosting may be the preferred option. My preferred host is Kualo. Kualo offers enterprise-grade email spam filtering and threat detection. And that’s something most hosting companies don’t provide. In addition, they are based in the UK, offer great prices on domain renewal, and are powered 100% by renewable energy. Futhermore, if you’re a charity, there’s a great chance they’ll offer you free hosting!

3rd party hosting is more ‘self-service’. With flexibility comes some complexity. Email settings will need to be configured. Databases may need to be maintained. The right plugins need to be installed. There are definitely ones to be avoided! Selection of the correct theme is also important. Plugins and themes also need to be updated. And a robust backup and restore strategy needs to be in place. That’s where I add exceptional value, bringing my IT architecture and design experience to bear.

In addition, I operate a reseller programme with Kualo, which allows me to offer you their great hosting at an extremely competitive price. It’s up to you which you choose, and I can quote different options.

Third party hosting also offers:

✔ Many more themes (free and paid)
✔ Access to Yoast: the leading SEO plugin
✔ Extensive plugin functionality to customise your site
✔ Email obfuscation, to cut down on spam
✔ Extensive site statistics using Google Analytics

WordPress.org and a 3rd party hosting solution is probably the right answer if you want more control over your website, and have a technical leaning. You can still do all of this with WordPress.com though.

I can help configure the hosting, install the right plugins and themes and support you on that journey.

Access to Yoast, the leading SEO WordPress plugin

Even if you choose WordPress.com, you can also have access to Yoast, the leading WordPress SEO plugin, on a test site. This will allow you to check your content against your keywords, and get feedback on your SEO score. If you wish training on Yoast, this can be provided.*

*Some knowledge of WordPress admin will be required.


Website build from as little as a few hundred pounds

After an initial consultation, I’ll discuss website hosting, domain and theme options with you, making a recommendation. After that we’ll agree to a fixed scope, for which I’ll provide a fixed price quotation. The scope can, of course, be varied, for a corresponding cost.